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Nick De Vos

Owner / Design & Technical department

As a specialist in Impulse Response (Ir) Ultrasonic, electronics, his mission has always been "how to make life easier with the use of electronics". After a lot of repairs, replacements of radio, TV's and video recorders, ... he started his own security company in 1987. When he started, he made his own security stations due to the lack of equipment. The best way to learn!

After many years, he specialized himself in High Frequent Ultrasonic techniques. This technique can be used for many applications : marine world, industry, at home, swimming pools, fish and swimming ponds, water collecting basins, agriculture, (small) stock breeding, agricultural greenhouses, water towers ... and he still can continue summing up.

He also lectures "what is biofilm and what can I do about it". He can lecture this completely adapted to your company or firm. If you are interested, call or mail us and we arrange a date.

"Make the world greener for our children!"


Wim Voss

Co-owner / Serial Entrepreneur

Is a serial entrepreneur investing especially in companies with a specific strong USP. He started his first company when he still was a student and is currently shareholder in different kind of companies.

Throughout the days he loves to go for a run in the park where he enjoys the green nature as well as a hike on the beach with his bare feet in the sand. He strongly believes that NDV Ultrasonic really can make a difference in making our ecological footprint smaller by breaking down the biofilm of water with amazing results.


Pieter-Jan Voss

International Marketing Coordinator

As a master student in International Marketing, Pieter-Jan has a driven passion for innovative and eco-friendly business development. He has traveled through Europe for the past five years where he learned cross-cultural management combined with creative teamwork for marketing strategies.

Nowadays, he wanders around in London where he expands its global network and its knowledge in international marketing possibilities. Besides its daily student life, he loves to think about sustainable solutions for mother nature and we humans.

"Always eager to discover!"

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