Eliminating biofilm without chemicals

Home Installations

For your home installations, we develop personalized solutions.

NDV Ultrasonic can cover the heating boilers and the hot & cold-water pipes in your home. We adjust each transducer to its connected material. This will be done by measuring the surface and thickness of the hull.

As a result NDV Ultrasonic prevents limescale and bacterial formation on the walls of your water installation, so it lasts longer and stays clean. as a matter of fact, it will save you money because the burner has to work less and will pay for itself in the long term.

And at last, the device breaks down in the living space of dangerous bacteria (such as Legionella) and can no longer colonize in your installations, which makes your water healthier for you and the environment.

We look forward to visit you and see what our devices can solve for you!


Home Installations

... and many more benefits

The NDV Ultrasonic installation pays back for itself in the short-term



The installation can be adjusted in different forms according to your installation at home.

The transducers can be either mounted on the pipe, with a pipe clamp. Or on the boiler-housing itself. The transducer is then glued on the boiler housing (not on the outside of the boiler, because the insulation of the boiler is there.

The NDV Ultrasonic device requires a special (ultra-strong) glue in order to install. All other glues you can find on the market will not work as they will not pass through the high frequent ultrasonic. Some glues even block the passage, so the installation will not work.

We always deliver the specific needed glue together with the transducers. You can easily install the device yourself. In case you do, we pass by to approve & grant you the guarantee.

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