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Recreational Marine

For your recreational marine, we developed specific High Frequent Ultrasonic Transducers which are glued at the inside of the hull underneath the waterline. We can also equip, if necessary, the boat propeller with a specific NDV Ultrasonic device to keep it clean. This is a separate installation independently of the transducers we apply for the hull.

We calculate 1 transducer per 11-meter underwater ship surface. If this is longer, we need to place a second transducer, this calculation continues according to the total length.

The transducers are connected to a control box which heads it. This control box can be placed anywhere in the ship. Mostly it depends on the trail of the cables. We can consult you with our professional advice in order to guarantee you the best results!


The box needs a voltage of 230V network power, always running when you are ashore. But don’t worry, the transducer consumes only 6 Watts, which is very low. In case you do not have network power available in the harbour or quay, we can work with a distributor that switches between 12V-24V and 230V.

Besides the normal network power, the device is also equipped with a battery in case it has no power input. If it switches to the battery, we installed a security so that the device is turned off when the power drops under 11,8V to avoid the device to drain the battery.

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Recreational Marine

... and many more benefits

The NDV Ultrasonic installation pays back for itself in the short-term



The NDV Ultrasonic device requires a special (ultra-strong) glue in order to install. All other glues you can find on the market will not work as they will not pass through the high frequent ultrasonic. Some glues even block the passage, so the installation will not work.

We always deliver the specific needed glue together with the transducers. You can easily install the device yourself. In case you do, we pass by to approve & grant you the guarantee.

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