Eliminating biofilm without chemicals

Factory Facilities

Most factory facilities have plate coolers to cool their process water. These coolers silt up through lime or algae. NDV Ultrasonic can prevent this by placing transducers on the coolers or pipelines that break down the BIOFILM in the installation.

NDV Ultrasonic can prevent algae in all water storage, above or below ground. But not only water, we can also handle all liquids, regardless of viscosity. There is water or liquid in every company, and everywhere they have the same problems, blockages, corrosion, and therefore higher costs of maintenance, fuel and electricity.

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The NDV Ultrasonic installation pays back for itself in the short-term



The installation can be adjusted in different forms according to your business facilities.

The transducers can be either mounted on pipes, with a pipe clamp, or on the housing itself. The transducer is then glued on the surface.

The NDV Ultrasonic device requires a special (ultra-strong) glue in order to install. All other glues you can find on the market will not work as they will not pass through the high frequent ultrasonic. Some glues even block the passage, so the installation will not work.

Our qualified NDV Ultrasonic technicians will install your NDV installation in your company with great care & knowledge according to our strict rules.

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