Eliminating biofilm without chemicals

Restaurants & Hotels

For restaurants & hotels, NDV Ultrasonic can provide specific consultancy regarding their water installations to improve the circulation and prevention of failure.

Every hotel has many showers & baths, so many kilometers of water pipes, so much more chance of infection with bacteria and fouling of lime. Besides that, kitchens also use a lot of water, and likewise, contamination happens often which makes people sick or even kill them. For example the Legionella bacteria.

NDV Ultrasonic can be a great help in keeping bacteria and lime away by breaking down the biofilm in the water installation. We tackle all water pipes, water boilers, swimming pools, jacuzzi’s, air conditioners and keep these bacteria-free & lime-free.

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... and many more benefits

The NDV Ultrasonic installation pays back for itself in the short-term



The installation can be adjusted in different forms according to your business facilities.

The transducers can be either mounted on pipes, with a pipe clamp, or on the housing itself. The transducer is then glued on the surface.

The NDV Ultrasonic device requires a special (ultra-strong) glue in order to install. All other glues you can find on the market will not work as they will not pass through the high frequent ultrasonic. Some glues even block the passage, so the installation will not work.

Our qualified NDV Ultrasonic technicians will install your NDV installation in your company with great care & knowledge according to our strict rules.

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