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Eliminating biofilm without chemicals

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Nick personalised

Personalized products

August 2020 – The in-house developed NDV products can be personalized towards every client’s requirements.

As NDV Ultrasonic develops all of its products in-house, we can personalize every aspect of the product size, format, and attachment feature in order to fit the requirements of the client.


Satisfied Customer

November 2019 – Photo of a client who takes his boat out of the water after the season without using any chemicals. 

The client gave us the following review: “With NDV Ultrasonic, the antifouling has been there for 5 years straight, and the boat is still clean without being replaced or taken out of the water! What an amazing result!”


Home installation Spain

October 2019 – Our second application of our NDV Ultrasonic equipment at the Costa Blanca, Spain. 

Our device was specifically installed on the warm water pipelines of a second home. Thanks to this installation, the client won’t risk any limescale, bacteria-growth, and corrosion on its pipelines. Therefore, the client has a lifelong guarantee of not replacing its pipelines.


Installation Costa Blanca

October 2019 – A new application of our NDV Ultrasonic equipment at the Costa Blanca, Spain.

Video afspelen

POM For China (video)

August 2019 – The video of the introduction by our specialist Nick De Vos to a Chinese delegation. 

IMG_9336 (2)

POM For China

September 2019 – NDV Ultrasonic presentation for a Chinese delegation sent via the Provincial Development Agency (POM) Antwerp given by owner & engineer Nick de Vos of NDV Ultrasonic   

NDV Tested & Approved label

July 2019 – After successfully installing the NDV Ultrasonic device, we will also award you the NDV “TESTED & APPROVED” certified label.

NDV Eco Stamp

June 2019 – After successfully installing the NDV Ultrasonic device, we will award you with the globally recognised label “100% ECO FRIENDLY”. This label is known for its long-term performance regarding high-quality & eco-friendly business matters.

Installation Mechelen

May 2019 – A Jacuzzi installation in Mechelen, Belgium. Eliminating the Biofilm without chemicals that will prevent limescale, chalk & bacteria in the future. Saving maintenance costs & human health. 


NDV Dealer China

Apr 2019 – Our new Chinese dealer, who expanded the NDV Ultrasonic network in China. A fabulous market opens for this dealer. A pleasant 2 day training with Mr. Stevens & Mr. Youzhang to enhance with the high-end technology.


Installation Westerlo

Mar 2019 – A heating boiler in Westerlo, in cold water and out hot water. No more limescale and bacteria formation in the tubes and in the boiler which has reduced its energy costs significantly.


New Equipment

Feb 2019 – Our newest equipment of the NDV Ultrasonic family is a fact. Fully tested and approved with own branding. These will be used on boats, house installations, swimming pools / ponds & jacuzzi’s.

It’s a smaller setup but equally strong output on the transducers with a possibility to connect 2 transducers.
And from now on our all transducers will have blue controlled leds.

Good Results

Oct 2018 – New good results from our newest installation. For a bigger scale installations we can remove the lime & bacteria from the water installations without any worries. Bigger impact, smaller electricity consumption!


Customer Response

Sep 2018 – “Yesterday our boat went out of the water. What a fantastic result after a long time in the water without any chemicals.” – JP


New Installation

Jul 2018 – New installation with custom and tailor-made  transducer with clamp at the Castle Minnewater in Bruges. Preventing any damage to the medieval building.


Application Sint-Eloois-Vijve

Jun 2018 – A brand new application with our latest NDV Ultrasonic equipment for a new satisfied customer in Sint-Eloois-Vijve.


Installation Malaga

Apr 2018 – A satisfied customer at the harbor of Malaga, Spain. A custom made installment on the hull of a catamaran. 


NDV Ultrasonic Lecture

Jan 2018 – A very successful lecture given in the Aurelia of the Higher Maritime School in Antwerp, Belgium for the Royal Gallois Society.


NDV Expo Stand

Oct 2017 – A successful B.I.S. Fair 2017 in Flanders Expo Ghent, Belgium.


Installation Almeria

Aug 2017 – A recreational boat in Almeria, Spain, has been upgraded with a NDV Ultrasonic device.


NSZ Ambassador

Jul 2017 – Nick De Vos has specialized himself as a NSZ Ambassador. We also have become second in the contest “most creative entrepreneur of Flanders” if you know that NSZ has 45.000 affiliated companies.

NDV Ultrasonic TEST Boat

Jun 2017 – Our TEST Boat goes out of water after 1 season with NDV Ultrasonic installed. Click to watch.


Boat Show Belgium

Feb 2017 – NDV Ultrasonic stand at the Ghent Boat Show, Belgium.


NDV Bicycle Clothing

Feb 2017 – This is our bicycle race clothing from NDV Ultrasonic.


Product Development

Jan 2017 – With our global experience, we have developed our own NDV Ultrasonic equipment with the latest electronics and technology. With this we send our competitors right into the dinosaur era. We’ve equipment for all purposes, and if it doesn’t exist, we will develop it for you.


Installation Mechelen

Jan 2017 – Installing a NDV Ultrasonic device in a jacuzzi at Mechelen.

Logo in water:middle

NDV Lecture

Jan 2017 – We’ve lectured for “het Koninklijk Gallois Genootschap” at the auditorium of the Maritime Academy in Antwerp. The interest & attention was huge. The lecture was a success.

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