Eliminating biofilm without chemicals

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NDV has high-frequent ultrasonic devices that oppose the biofilm successfully.

We work with high-frequent Ultrasonic sounds. These are sound-frequencies above 22kHz which is inaudible & not perceptible for human and animal. These are mechanical vibrations that occur by the conversion of electric or mechanical energy. High-frequent Ultrasonic can be used to destroy the biofilm, by removal of the matrix for these bacteria.

The specifically chosen frequencies are transmitted by the transducer on certain intervals. These vibrations demolish the vacuole of protozoans. So, they die, and other organisms can’t attach them anymore. Which results in elminating and disappearing the biofilm.

By ultrasonic vibrations in a large frequency area, the cell walls of the bacteria ruptures, also the active part of an enzyme (bacteria use this to construct their cell walls) is blocked. By adjustment of the correct frequency, the bacteria are destroyed. In contrast to the chemical treatments, a re-colonization cannot take place because the bacteria are killed and so the matrix, as well as the adhesive layer, is eliminated simultaneously.

By adding chemicals, animals can have red mucous, bleedings or wounds in the beak and their oesophagus. Also, the costs for those chemicals are periodical and can raise. You can avoid all this by installing High-Frequent ultrasonic devices. Our installations are very simple and a one-time cost, without further costs on maintenance.

In comparison with other techniques, NDV High-Frequency Ultrasonic does not cause corrosion and does not affect the odour or taste of the water. The equipment is permanently supplied with power. That is why the device must have a low consumption. NDV has a device with remarkably low consumption (6W), this is an additional advantage for those who want the device to work on batteries or solar panels.

NDV High-Frequency Ultrasonic has advantages, and no disadvantages and the purchase always pays for itself in the long term.
After successfully installing the NDV Ultrasonic device, we will award you with the globally recognised label “100% ECO FRIENDLY”. This label is known for its long-term performance regarding high-quality & eco-friendly business matters.

As well as the “TESTED & APPROVED” certified label.

So, there is no reason why you should not install NDV Ultrasonic in you company or home, it is healthy for humans and animals, and you experience a smaller ecological footprint.
We look forward to visit you and see what our devices can solve for you!



The Installment

The NDV Ultrasonic device requires a special (ultra-strong) glue in order to install. All other glues you can find on the market will not work as they will not pass through the high frequent ultrasonic. Some glues even block the passage, so the installation will not work.

We always deliver the specific needed glue together with the transducers. You can easily install the device yourself. In case you do, we pass by to approve & grant you the guarantee.

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