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Keep your water and filters clean, your cattle and plants healthy with the help of our high-frequency ultrasound transducers.


NDV Ultrasonic offers products that have been specially designed for glasshouses, livestock farms and agricultural businesses. They combat biofilm in long-distance pipes and water reservoirs with small or large volumes.

We help to stabilise germs and prevent algae, scale and bacteria in any liquid, both above and below ground, by breaking down biofilm in cooling systems or pipes.

Quality is of paramount importance to us. Therefore, we advise each customer for the most optimal arrangement and composition of ultrasonic devices to achieve the best results.

Our solution is the most effective way to protect all water related systems with the result that all your appliances last longer and water for livestock or plants stays clean and healthy.

Benefits | Creating Safety
Creating Safety

No biofilm, bacteria, limescale and algae in spraying installations, pipelines, water basins, coolers, and fuel tanks.

Benefits | Extra Protection
Extra Protection

Reduce the use of antibiotics and chemical cleaning by up to 90%.

Benefits | Save Costs
Save Costs

Decrease in maintenance, production and energy costs; less risk of leaks in pipes and less (waste) water spillage.

Benefits | Extend Lifespan
Extend Lifespan

Extend the lifespan of all filters and pump systems by 80%.

Benefits | Clean Environment
Clean Environment

Creating a safer and eco-friendly environment.

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Installation Installing the NDV Ultrasonic devices

NDV Ultrasonic devices require a specific glue that is included in every order. This glue allows the vibrations to pass through. You can easily install the device yourself. If you choose to do so, we will check and approve the installation.

Fishing Pond
I had a lot of issues with thread algae in my pond but after one month with NDV Ultrasonic, I could easily scoop out the algae and could finally see the bottom. After 6 years, I never experienced any problems anymore.
Patrick D.
I had a fully personalised service for my swimming pond. A fantastic product with great results, and it doesn't harm my fish but actually creates a better environment for them!
Amber W.