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Protect your pipelines from bacteria and limescale and improve water circulation with NDV Ultrasonic’s transducers.

Perpetual issues, we’ve got the solution

For more than a decade we’ve embedded research to understand the reactions and use of liquids, starting from the root cause of our problems. This root cause is the biofilm. We have unravelled this micro-organism and incorporated the findings into our product as a craft. The most averting problems are listed here.

Scale and corrosion in pipes

Limescale can form in various pipes, boilers or other water systems of restaurants, bars or hotels. Limescale deposits cause water to flow less smoothly and thus will consume more energy which in turn requires high maintenance costs. In addition, limescale and corrosion in the kitchen can cause work to be done less efficiently, resulting in a loss of revenue.

Bacterial accumulations in water systems

The contamination by bacteria is created due to spores settling in the biofilm. They colonise the surfaces by creating clusters of bacteria exponentially multiplying every 30 minutes. These bacterial accumulations, such as legionella, can end up in the drinking water, resulting in illnesses of staff and customers.

Beer stone

Beer stone is a common phenomenon found in the tap systems of restaurants or bars. Beer stone is the result beer particles sticking to the slime layer of biofilm. When biofilm is broken down, beer stone will not have a chance to develop.

We protect you

NDV Ultrasonic combats biofilm in all water pipes, kettles, swimming pools, hot tubs and air conditioners and keeps them bacteria and lime-free. Our transducers keep water used in kitchens and other accommodations clean, healthy and bacteria-free. For restaurants and hotels, we advice more in particular on improving circulation and preventing bacterial growth.

Quality is of paramount importance to us. Therefore, we advise each customer for the most optimal arrangement and composition of ultrasonic devices to achieve the best results.

Our solution is the most effective way to protect all water related systems.

We protect you | Creating Safety
Creating Safety

No Biofilm, bacteria, limescale and algae in water installations, filters and pipelines. Keeps bacteria out of your kitchen.

We protect you | Protected Environment
Protected Environment

Protecting all pipelines, boilers, and water-instruments from bacteria, biofilm, limescale, corrosion.

We protect you | Extra Support
Extra Support

An extra protective layer to extend lifespan of your instruments by preventing wear and tear of microorganisms.

We protect you | Save Costs
Save Costs

By eliminating and preventing bacterial growth, corrosion and scale formation, we can reduce your maintenance, production and energy costs.

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Installing the NDV Ultrasonic devices

NDV Ultrasonic devices require a specific glue that is included in every order. This glue allows the vibrations to pass through. You can easily install the device yourself. If you choose to do so, we will check and approve the installation.