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With our NDV Ultrasonic devices positioned inside the hull of your ship, mussel and smallpox growth become a thing of the past.


NDV Ultrasonic develops custom-made, high frequency, ultrasonic transducers for ships. The devices are glued to the inside of the hull, below the waterline, and combat biofilm in fuel tanks, water tanks, pipes and any other water system to keep them bacteria and lime-free. What’s more, they also eliminate mussel, shell, algae and smallpox growth.

We adapt our products to the conditions and structure of the intended location, making sure they perform flawlessly.

Benefits | Clean Hull
Clean Hull

No algae, shells, mussels or smallpox growth on ships; with less bacteria, limescale and algae in coolers, filters or on the hull.

Benefits | Preventing Costs
Preventing Costs

Smoother hull, thus less fuel consumption; and no loss of speed throughout the season.

Benefits | Safe Environment
Safe Environment

No bacteria in fuel and water tanks; creating safety for the crew and the ship.

Benefits | No bacteria in fuel and water tanks.
No bacteria in fuel and water tanks.
Benefits | Extend Lifespan
Extend Lifespan

Keep your antifouling for up to 5 years; and extend the lifespan of all filters and pump systems by 80%.

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Installation Installing the NDV Ultrasonic devices

NDV Ultrasonic devices require a specific glue that is included in every order. This glue allows the vibrations to pass through. You can easily install the device yourself. If you choose to do so, we will check and approve the installation.

With NDV Ultrasonic, my antifouling has been there for 5 years straight, and the boat is still clean without being replaced or taken out of the water!
Francis C.